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Meetings 2023-24

AGM 2023-2024 held at Aries Riverside Bunglow, UMETA

New office Bearer: President : Iqbal Khan Shab Secretary ; Parvez Nawab Shab Joint Secretary : Shahid Munshi Treasurer : Nayyer Hashmi Bank : Current Account should be changed to Saving Account New Signatories 1. Iqbal Khan Shab 2. Parvez Nawab Shab 3. Nayyer Hashmi 4. Shahid Munshi Monthly Meeting: Monthly meeting should be held on 3rd Saturday of the month. Scholarships : 1. Modification in scholarship form ( details in MOM PDF doc ) 2. Form distribution and submission starts from 15th June 3. Decision to be taken within 15 days of submission / Updataion on site of duly filled form with documents. 4. Rejected forms notifications will be handle by Mr Ameer Shaikh 5. Scholarships Funds allocation as per the details mentioned in MOM PDF. 6. Sanction committee formed for various areas ( details given in MOM PDF ) Extra Classes: Extra classes / Tuition classes for under average / needy students should be arranged in schools OR nearby professional classes Smart Batch : Iqbal bhai and Shoeb Saiyed bhai will be responsible of conducting classes and other activities

Meeting held on: 30-04-2023

Apologies, there is no agenda available for this meeting

Please click here to download the minutes for this meeting